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Publishers Weekly and have just made my day with two very nice reviews of The DarkFollow this link to learn more.

I just got a really nice shout-out via John Schuster, media columnist for the Tucson Weekly.  It's really gratifying, and somewhat

humbling, to see how people continue to follow my story.  The article recaps recent media appearances and makes mention

that the most recent novel, The Dark, has been doing well lately in terms of the feedback and interest it's attracting.  Many thanks

to John Schuster, who's been a good friend to me, and also to Guy Atchley and Jim Parisi for their continued interest in my story.

Follow this link to see the full Tucson Weekly article (scroll down to my section of it, which is about midway down).

The well respected critical reviewers' site Kirkus Reviews has just weighed in on The Dark -- and its review is

fabulous!  Kirkus had already named me a 2015 "Author to Watch" for my previous novel, A Journal of the

Crazy Year.   It calls the new novel a "rollicking adventure" and a "thrillfest" that starts early and does not quit --

praise that really makes my month!  Go here to see the full review (purchase links are available from this page as


My good friend Jim Parisi invited me to appear on PowerTalk 1210 to discuss the rave reviews that are

coming in for my third novel, The Dark.  We also discussed my ongoing health challenges.  Go here to listen

to the program. 

I just made a guest appearance on WVOX, serving New York state, to discuss my medical challenges and life opportunities.  Find the aircheck here (move the slider to 28:50, where my portion of the program begins).

Out of the clear blue, I just received an unexpected honor.  Kirkus Reviews has just named me as an

"Author to Watch."  WOW.  That about knocked me out of my chair!  The magazine issues a newsletter

to industry professions with the "Author to Watch" feature at the top.  Here is the newsletter. 

Thank you, thank you, Kirkus Reviews!

Would you believe, more 5-Star reviews for A Journal of the Crazy Year have just gone up on Amazon?  Like this

one:  Linda writes, "I was sucked right in to the very end. I especially liked John's character.  He had a wonderful blend of innocence, smart independence, and a great sense of humor. Anyone who likes suspense and ‘I can't wait to see how this ends’ kind of books will really enjoy this one.  A definite 5 stars!”  Reviews like this are incredibly helpful.  Many thanks to Linda and to every satisfied reader who's taken the time to post kind words!  Find Linda's full review here.

Fiction?  Or prophecy?  Some action/adventure authors aim for a "ripped from the headlines" feel.  With A Journal of the Crazy Year, it's the other way around; real-life events are ripping headlines from the novel.  By February of this year the book already had turned out to be eerily prophetic enough that I was invited on Coast to Coast AM to discuss it in front of 3 million radio listeners tuning in on 600 stations nationwide.  In recent days two more news events have erupted that are straight out of the pages of the novel--a suicidal airline pilot deliberately crashes a jetliner full of people, and the return of the sleeping sickness.  This is beginning to freak even me out!  Read more about those startling developments here.

A Journal of the Crazy Year has won yet another 5-Star reader review!  Cynthia Stevens posted on Amazon:  "Fascinating! I loved it, and thought the historical perspective was fascinating! Can't wait to see this author's future works."  Thank you, Cynthia!

A few months back Selorm Edor of Acre books interviewed me by Skype about my novel Messages.  The original link broke and I took it down, but the video is now available here on You Tube.  (Thanks again, Selorm!)

An reader has just posted a fabulous 5-star review of A Journal of the Crazy Year.   She said she could not put the novel down, has recommended it to her friends, and reports that they love the book too!  Wow.  More details here.

I've continued to make the rounds promoting A Journal of the Crazy Year on various radio stations.  One of the more interesting appearances was on a Christian station.  Can a zombie novel appeal to Christians?   The answer is yes--or at least, this one can.  More details here.

I appeared on the Jim Parisi radio show to discuss A Journal of the Crazy Year, the real-life plague and ripped-from-the-headlines facts that inspired it, and the great reviews it's getting.  Check it out here.

New cover reveal plus print edition now available for A Journal of the Crazy Year!  Who knew when I began this project more than a year ago that for the print edition cover quotes would be available from positive reviews by such outfits as Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews?  But that indeed has turned out to be the case.  Find out more and see purchase links here.

Publisher's Weekly has added its voice to the growing chorus of praise for A Journal of the Crazy Year! "Fresh thinking and feeling animate this heartfelt postapocalyptic novel.... The book is stuffed with untrimmable, character-driven, cogent dialogue.... A fascinating read all the way to its chilly, barely hopeful conclusion." Find out more here.

"Carr employs jet-black humor reminiscent of Vonnegut... The flight from civilization is handled well, and a truly unconventional ending makes for a worthy trip.  A great case made for the idea that the end isn’t nigh—it’s already here."   Excellent Kirkus Review just in for A Journal of the Crazy Year!  Find out more here.

John Schuster of The Tucson Weeklygave PowerTalk 1210 (and my show) a nice mention.  Check it out here (scroll down to the third section).  And by the way, as it regards the first section, the reporter profiled there was my hire.  I hate to see her go!

A nice mention for A Journal of the Crazy Year is now up on Julie's Review, with a special mention of its cover art.  Find it here. 

My novel Messages is featured this week on Julie's Book Review.  Find it here.  

New heights!  Many thanks to readers who bought a copy of Messages during my recent promotion.  Thanks to you, the novel set new

benchmarks in its performance, not only on Kindle but also in print.    On Kindle, it cracked the Top 100 in its three categories, reaching #44 in general humor, #57 in humor, and #59 in crime fiction.   Thank you, readers!

If you haven't done so already, please check out my new author's blog, The Bashful Bloviator.  Find it here, or you can also find a navigation tab at the top of this page leading to a feed of it.  You'll find entries ranging from the satiric to the thoughtful, often with a journalism flavor. 

A very nice mention for my crime/TV news novel Messages recently went up on The New Book Review blog.  Many thanks to Carolyn Howard-Johnson for doing this.  Please check it out here and also give her excellent blog a look.

"Read it!"  That's the headlined advice contained in the latest great 5-star reader review for A Journal of the Crazy Year on the book's United Kingdom Amazon page, which you can find here.   The book now holds a 4.8 rating in the UK!

"Written with smooth skill."  "Considerable comic energy and fast-paced dialogue."  "Spirited, lavishly detailed."  "An accomplished debut novel."  This is what Kirkus Reviews has to say about my debut novel, MessagesCheck it out here.

-- "Magnificent."  "A page turner."  "Hard to put down."  "A surprise ending."  "This will stay with me for a while."  High praise in the latest five-star rating for the sci-fi novel A Journal of the Crazy Year from prolific Goodreads reviewer "Üö Blondie." 

--  "Impressive," a "thrilling narrative":  The Sci-fi/Fantasy site compares A Journal of the Crazy Year favorably to World War Z and Stephen King's Cell.  How about that?  Check it out here

First Kirkus Reviews, then

Publishers Weekly, and now are weighing

in with rave reviews for The Dark.  Click image to learn more!

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