Books by Forrest Carr

Announcing:   My Lifetime of Strange Coincidences and Weird Happenings:  How one ordinary person learned to experience precognition, visions, clairvoyance, lucid dreaming, and even miracles--and you can too. 

Those who’ve been following my medical blog already know the remarkable story of how a series of health premonitions caused me to quit my day job to pursue writing novels, something I considered utterly necessary to achieve a fulfilled life.  The premonitions turned out to be valid.  Now find out the complete story behind the story!  And in the process learn how to recognize precognitive events, get glimpses of the future, and even manipulate your dreams through dream flying and lucid dreaming.

The premonitions in my case turned out to be valid—had I not done what I did just at the moment I did it, the novel projects never would have happened because time would have run out, and cancer that I didn’t even suspect I had at the time would have won.   Although the premonitions that led me to act were spectacular in what they warned and in their accuracy, this was by no means the first time something like this has happened to me.  I’ve had a lifetime filled with what some might call visions, clairvoyant episodes, precognitive events, and even a miracle or two.  I’ve also learned to manipulate the dreamscape through a process called lucid dreaming. 

Yet I make no claim to have any psychic abilities whatsoever.  In fact, I believe anyone can learn to do these things—and in the process obtain a new sense of wonder and awe about life’s amazing beauty.   Don’t let the naysayers and skeptics talk you into believing visions and precognition and strange coincidences are not  possible.  They are, in fact, a basic part of the human experience, as world renowned scientist Carl Jung recognized.  All it takes to benefit is an open mind and  perseverance.  This book, written by a well respected and award-winning former television 

news director, will  help you do that so that you can learn to recognize and experience these phenomena for yourself.

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